Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009


Last Sunday I was asked to open for "Bobo in white wooden houses" in Dresden. The singer was pretty famous in east Germany in the nineties. It was my first concert outside of Berlin, so I was really excited. I had also never been to Dresden and was excited to see the city. 

So I took a train and arrived at 13:00. I spent the afternoon in walking around the Altstadt (Old City) and was amazed at the beauty. 

Here is "Bobo" and band

I wish I knew what was going on with the costumes
Inside the castle

Model of the castle
These sculptures were so impressive


RaquelCZAR hat gesagt…

Those are some really, intricate buildings. Looks like Dresden was built about the same time as amsterdam, because one shot I thought it was. That photo with the costumes is incredible! Hooray for new places.

Adam hat gesagt…

I went to Dresden and to the Altstadt when I went on an exchange in Germany.

Did you ever see one of those spray painted Sonic the Hedgehog things that says below Sonic, "Racism is bad".